No one just stumbles on this page unless you know me or us. Assuming you’re unfortunate enough to know one of us in person, I’ll skip along to the purpose of this site.

I own this blog. I go by Red.

Most of my thoughts and feelings remain bottled up and buried on the surface of my occipital lobe so that if someone shoots me in the back of the head, my secrets will be cremated with me in the dirt. There’s only so much space back there for my welcoming party in hell so I share my ground level dirt with my third leg Azeo. Even then, our busy lives and mood desynchronizations sometimes don’t allow me to share everything when I feel like it. So this became my second outlet.

At some point, he too needed an outlet and wrote his own thoughts in a private article on my blog. That’s when I decided to create his own section so that he could continue writing private (or publicize) at his discretion.

Finally, there are a few people I can count on my toes who may find this interesting and with whom I don’t mind sharing. If you really say you can accept me for who I am, then this is a peek into my perspective. Read it, breathe it, feel it.


Work in progress.